In HANA Studio, the following activation error occurs:

Internal deployment of object failed;Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;Internal Erroreploy Calculation View: SQL: transaction rolled back by an internal error: cannot use duplicate name of function or procedure: <procedure>/proc: line <n> col <m> (at pos <p>) (ptime/query/checker/

Reason and Prerequisites

When multiple objects are activated, at least one of the activations fails and all activations are rolled back. The rollback leaves inconsistencies in the topology of the database nameserver.


1. Log in to the database host <host> as user <sid>adm.
2. Run the script python with option "--testRepair".

host:sidadm:HDB> cd /usr/sap/<SID> /HDB<NN>

host:sidadm:HDB> bash

host:sidadm:HDB> source ./HDBSettings. sh

host:sidadm:HDB> cdpy

host:sidadm:HDB> pwd

/usr/sap/<SID>/HDB<NN> /exe/python_support

host:sidadm:HDB> python repairTopology. py --sqlUser=SYSTEM --sqlPassword=<password> -testRepair

[, 0.008] >> starting repairTopology

[, 0.009] args: ()

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