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Transacciones y tablas para factura electrónica

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  • Transacciones y tablas para factura electrónica

    Hola, quería compartirles esta muy útil información que encontré sobre factura electrónica:


    DOCCLSS Official document class
    DOCCLSST Texts for official document class
    J_1A_CTYCODE Maintain AFIP Country Codes
    J_1A_CURCODE Maintain AFIP Currency Codes
    J_1A_REJCD_DESCT CAE Rejection codes description from AFIP for AEI
    J_1A_REJCODE Maintain AFIP Return Codes and Descriptions
    J_1A_RFC_DEST AR: Maintain Settings for Web Services
    J_1A_UOMCODE Maintain AFIP code for Unit of Measure
    J_1A_WS_COND_MAP AR WS: Mapping of pricing conditions with material code
    J_1A_WS_REJ AFIP Response Rejection Codes for Argentina e-invoice CAE
    J_1A_WS_TKN_SIGN AR: WS table to store Token and Sign
    J_1A101 Historical data for the daily reports
    J_1A102 Independent vendors with no CUIT or Social Security
    J_1AACFOP Assignment of Argentinian Tax Codes for Foreign Nationals
    J_1AACT Activity code for social security withholding
    J_1AACTT Texts for activity codes for social security withholding
    J_1ACAE Argentina electronic invoice CAE track table
    J_1ACFOP Codes for foreign natural or legal persons with no ID
    J_1ACFOPT Texts for codes for foreign natural or legal persons
    J_1ACHRDET Determination of capital letter
    J_1ACI_LIMIT Limits for Credit invoice
    J_1ACI_MSG_RATES Assignment of output messages to Installment rate
    J_1ACITI C.I.T.I. codes
    J_1ACITIT Texts for C.I.T.I. codes
    J_1ACMCD Customs codes
    J_1ACMCDT Texts for customs codes
    J_1ACNTFLD List of All Country-Specific Fields in Tables
    J_1ACON AR: Contingency Maintained at Company and Branch Level
    J_1ACONTINGENCY AR: Argentina electronic invoice Contingency track table
    J_1ACTYP C.I.T.I. transaction type
    J_1ACTYPT C.I.T.I. transaction type
    J_1ADISDOC Configuration of automatic generation of discount documents
    J_1ADRVER Versions of VAT daily report
    J_1ADRVERT Texts for versions of VAT daily report
    J_1ADTFS Document type field status
    J_1ADTYP Distribution Types for Gross Income Tax
    J_1ADTYPT Texts for distribution types for Gross Income Tax
    J_1AFITP Tax Types
    J_1AFITPT Texts for Fiscal Types
    J_1AFITPV Tax Type: Possible Entries
    J_1AFITPVT Tax Type: Texts for Possible Entries
    J_1AFRID Tax Code for Foreign Nationals
    J_1AGICD Activity codes for gross income tax declaration
    J_1AGILTS Gross Income Tax Layouts
    J_1AGIPER Gross income tax percentages
    J_1AMACOF Gross Income Tax coefficients
    J_1ANUGR1T Texts for numbering group for official documents
    J_1ANUGR3T Texts for numbering groups for withh. cert. numbering
    J_1ANUMGR1 Numbering group for official documents
    J_1ANUMGR3 Numbering groups for withholding certificate numbering
    J_1AOFNR1 Number determination for official documents
    J_1AOFTP Official document type
    J_1AOFTPT Texts for official document types
    J_1AOTDET Determination of off. document type in Argentina
    J_1AOTDETR Determination of off. document type
    J_1AOUM Determination of Oficial unit of measure
    J_1APACD Printing Authorization Code
    J_1APACK1 Printing Authorization Code for Vendors
    J_1APAYMN Determine AFIP Payment methods
    J_1APRTCH2 Capital letters - texts
    J_1APRTCHR Printing characters for Argentina
    J_1AR_BUTYPE Maintain Business Types for Monotributo vendors
    J_1AR_DTYPE ARG - Gross Income Perception Customer Data
    J_1AR_GRIDT AR : Applicable Distribution types for Res 177
    J_1AR_MTYPE AR Monotributo Vendor Data
    J_1AR_SUSS_EMP Argentina :Employee Status
    J_1AR_TPLIST Information to Update Taxpayer List
    J_1ASNR Branch number
    J_1ASNRT Texts for subsidiary numbers
    J_1ATAXID Tax Class
    J_1ATIDSW Correspondence for types of ID for Selfwithholding reportc
    J_1ATODC Type of identification
    J_1ATODCT Texts for types of identification
    J_1AWITH Withholding transaction data
    J_1AWITNR Number determination for withholding certificates
    J_1AZFSCHL Allocation Key: Branch - Company Code
    J_1AZFSCHT Text Table: Allocation Key: Branch - Company Code
    OFNUM_TW_2 Official Numbering by Business Places-enabled ranges(TW)
    T003_I Document types
    T042ZF Allocation: Branch - (Paying) Company Code

    Transacciones muy útiles

    AEI_EXP_OBJ Number range maintenance: AEI_EXP
    CITI_VENTAS CITI Ventas report
    J1A6 Modify Official Document Number
    J1AB Number range maintenance: J_1AOFFDOC
    J1AEXPMONITOR AR: Monitoring Tool for WS Export
    J1AMONITOR AR:Monitoring tool For Webservices
    J1AP Nummernkreispflege: J_1APRNTCH
    J1APAC01 Create/Change Print Authoriz. Code
    J1APAC02 Display Print Authoriz. Code
    S_P6B_12000179 Post Memos for Exch. Rate Diffs
    S_P6D_40000053 J_1AFR1547
    S_P6D_40000179 Report J_1AF317
    S_P6D_40000208 To update the WT status for Monotrib
    S_P6D_40000209 To update the Accumulation table wit
    S_P6D_40000222 Report J_1AF_TPLIST
    S_P6D_40000277 Report J_1AR_SUSS_EMP

    Programas de factura electrónica

    IDSD_UPDATE_CI_MESSAGES Update Output messages for Credit invoices
    J_1A_WS_EXPORT_MONITOR Monitoring Tool For WebServices(Argentina/Export)
    J_1ABKR0 External routines for RFBIKRG0 for south america
    J_1AF_UPDATE_VENDOR To update the WT status for Monotributo Vendors - Argentina
    J_1AF_UPDATE_WTAK To update the Accumulation table with cumulative amount - Argentina
    J_1AF004 Compact Document Journal
    J_1AF007 Printing of documents (no payments)
    J_1AF011 Payment Notice (AR)
    J_1AF012 Payment Notice (AP)
    J_1AF014 Selfwithholding
    J_1AF016 Withholdings and Perceptions - RG 4110
    J_1AF018 Gross Income Perception Listing with Magnetic Support
    J_1AF026 Social security withholding
    J_1AF029 Enhanced Tax Journal
    J_1AF102 Daily Report for Bank and Cash Accounts
    J_1AF103 Deleting the historical data for the Daily Reports
    J_1AF217 Important Transactions Cross Check C.I.T.I. RG 781/2000
    J_1AF317 Important Transactions Cross Check C.I.T.I. RG 781/2000
    J_1AFCIDIS Credit Invoice List
    J_1AFCPD FORM Routines of SAPLFCPD
    J_1AFIPI External routines for the function group FIPI
    J_1AFONR Printing of the last official documents numbers assigned
    J_1AFR1547 Monthly Payments File (Argentina)
    J_1AR_SUSS_EMP Update Employer Status
    J_1ARDISC Reversal of Cash Discount Documents Containing Uncleared Items
    J_1AXFUM Adaptations of function modules
    RFIDAREXRATEDIFF Argentina: Post Debit/Credit Memos for Exchange Rate Differences
    RFIDARR615 Withholding Tax Update
    SAPMJ1A6 Modify Official Document Number (Argentina)
    SAPMJ1AC Customer master data (South America)
    SAPMJ1AV Vendor master data (South America)
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